Employee Assistance Program


In their own thoughts, all firefighters and paramedics can envision the daily demands of their chosen occupation.  To maintain a high level of job performance they must be able to effectively cope with the emotional, physical, and mental stress of work and personal life.  If the ability to cope becomes compromised, this stress may act to unbalance their mental and emotional health. Alcoholism, drug addiction, marital and other problems may be affecting these individuals both on and off the job.

It was our belief that these problems, with professional assistance, could be either eliminated or reduced, and consequently would promote increased professionalism, and enhanced personal fulfillment of our affected members.

During the late 1970’s, United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, Local 112, IAFF, AFL-CIO, representing the 3500 sworn members of the Los Angeles City Fire Department, became increasingly aware that the capacity of some of our members to adequately perform their professional responsibilities was being reduced because of “personal problems”.

Under the committed direction of a retired firefighter and a small core of volunteer staff members, the UFLAC Executive Board formally founded its Employee Assistance Program in July 1978, targeting firefighters, their families and friends.  The Union funded the project for the first two years.  Then, through a negotiated agreement with the Union, the City provided a subsidy to continue and expand the program.

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