Employee Assistance Program:

Guide to Financial Resources

We have prepared this guide on financial resources in response to the large numbers of our members who are being impacted by the current financial crises affecting this country, the state, city and ultimately each of us.

We have addressed a broad range of issues regarding money management.  Included in this guide you will find information on basic budgeting, behavior and money, and some legal issues regarding debt.  We have also listed websites with information on money management, consumer protection and current government programs.

Whether you are facing a financial crisis or simply looking to add to the resources you already have, we hope you will find the information useful.

If you do not find in this guide information on your specific financial issue, we invite you to give us a call and we will help you research your situation.

In the spirit of learning to control expenses by doing more with less, the EAP is following its’ own advice by printing this publication in-house to reduce costs.

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