EAP Pamphlet List

Listed below are pamphlets that are in stock at the Employee Assistance Program.  They cover a wide range of topics and are intended to be a source of general information.  They are in no way to be considered an adequate substitute for seeking out our assistance or the assistance of other professionals.  You may use the form provided to email us your selections, or you can call our office at (747) 200-6266 and let us know which titles you would like.

If there are topics you would like information on, and the pamphlets listed do not cover your interests, please feel free to call us and let us know what you would like information on.  We will be happy to do the research and find resources for you.

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General Healthcare Section

What Everyone Should Know About Wellness

  • What Is Wellness
  • Health Depends On Many Factors
  • Health Factors You Can Control
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Get Enough Exercise
  • Healthy Eating Plan
  • Manage Stress
  • Programs That Promote Wellness

What You Should Know About Self-Esteem

  • What is Self-Esteem? Why Should I Think About My Self-Esteem?
  • Some Factors that Influence Your Self-Esteem
  • The Importance of High Self-Esteem
  • Some Common Effects of Low Self-Esteem
  • How to Think Positively About Yourself

Your Attitude And You

  • Why Is Your Attitude So Important
  • Positive  Attitude Toward Yourself And Others
  • How Do You Develop A Positive Attitude
  • Positive Attitude At Home And On The Job
  • Quality Of Life

Anger And How To Handle It

  • What Is Anger And Why Is It Important
  • What Causes Anger
  • How Does The Body React To Anger
  • Anger Can Be A Foe Or Friend
  • Ignoring Anger Does Not Work
  • Uncontrolled Anger Can Be Dangerous
  • Controlling Anger
  • Do’s And Don’ts Expressing Your Anger

Grief – Living With Loss

  • Grief is a Natural Reaction to any Important Change or Loss
  • Everyone Experiences Loss or Change at Some Time in Life
  • Grieving People Share Common Feelings
  • Living With Loss
  • Sources of Help and Information
  • You Can Help a Grieving Person
  • Some Myths About Grief

Family & Parenting Section

Are You In A Healthy Relationship?

  • What Is A Healthy Relationship? Why Should I Learn About It?
  • What Does It Mean To Be In A Healthy Relationship?
  • Take This Self-Test
  • What Makes a Relationship Healthy?
  • How Do The Two of You Handle Conflict?

Choosing Child Care

  • What Is Child Care?
  • Child Care Can Benefit Your Child – And You
  • What Kinds of Child Care Are There?
  • How To Find Good Child Care
  • Getting Used to Child Care
  • Choose Child Care That’s Right For You and Your Child

About Latchkey Children – Tips for Working Parents

  • Who Are Latchkey Children? Why Should I Be Concerned About Them?
  • Situations Likely to Affect Children
  • How Parents Can Create a Safe Home Environment
  • Time After School Can Be Time Well Spent
  • Sources of Help and Information

Understanding Adolescence

  • What is Adolescence, Anyway?
  • The Signs of Adolescence
  • Important Steps to Adulthood
  • How Can Parents Help?

What Every Teenager Should Know About Peer Pressure

  • What is Peer Pressure? Why Should I Learn About It?
  • Learn to be Your Own Best Friend
  • Use this 4-Step Technique in “Pressure Situations”
  • How to Handle Some Specific Situations

About Divorce

  • What to Expect and How to Cope
  • The Emotional Stages of Divorce
  • About Children & Divorce
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • About the Legal Side of Divorce
  • Where to Find Help

About Single Parenting

  • What is Single Parenting? Why Should I Learn About It?
  • Single Parenting Affects Every Aspect of Life
  • Make Ends Meet by Using a Budget
  • Care for Yourself
  • Sources of Help for Single Parents

About Blended Families

  • What Is A Blended Family?
  • Why Should I Learn About Blended Families?
  • Blended Families Have Special Strengths
  • Blended Families Also Have Special Concerns
  • Work Out Family Rules & Responsibilities
  • Build Relationships Slowly
  • Sources of Help for Blended Families

Tips for Talking to Children and Youth After Traumatic Events

  • Recognizing Problems at Different Ages
  • How to Help
  • Tips for Talking to Children After a Traumatic Event
  • When Talking Isn’t Enough

Violence In The Family – It’s Everyone’s Concern

  • What Is Family Violence? Why Should I Learn About Family Violence?
  • Every Family Member Suffers From Family Violence
  • Some Common Traits of Violent People
  • There Are Many Sources of Help for Troubled Families
  • Family Violence Can Be Prevented

Putting A Stop To Child Abuse

  • What Is Child Abuse? Why Should I Learn About It?
  • Abuse Takes a Tragic Toll on Children
  • Some Common Traits
  • Warning Signs of Child Abuse
  • Where to Get Help and Information
  • Can Child Abuse Be Prevented?

Chemical Dependency

Alcoholism – A Treatable Disease

  • What Is Alcoholism?
  • What Type Of Person Has Problems With Alcohol?
  • How Alcohol Affects The Body
  • Stages Of Intoxication
  • Why Do People Drink?
  • Checklist For Symptoms Of Alcoholism
  • Warning Signs Of Alcoholism
  • Alcoholism Can Be Treated
  • Where To Get Help

Overcoming Addiction – Building New Lives

  • What Does Addiction Mean?
  • Many Kinds Of Addictions
  • Who Can Develop An Addiction?
  • Addiction Often Follows A Pattern
  • What Can I Do About An Addiction?
  • What If A Friend Or Relative Has An Addiction?
  • How Is An Addiction Treated?
  • Recovery Is A Continuing Process
  • Sources Of Help And Information.

Raising Your Child To Be Drug Free

  • You Can Help Raise Your Child To Be Drug Free
  • Why Do Some Children Try Drugs?
  • Start With The “Art Of Parenting
  • Teach Your Child Life Skills
  • Facts About Drug Use
  • Resist Peer Pressure
  • Prevention Tips

Alcohol Facts For Teenagers

  • Teen Years Are Intense
  • Long Term Drinking Consequences
  • Teens Face Increased Risks
  • Most Teens Will Face A Decision
  • Resist Peer Pressure To Drink
  • Learn To Feel Good About Yourself

How  Alcoholism Affects The Family

  • What Is Alcoholism?
  • Alcoholism Is A Family Illness
  • What Can Family Members Do?
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Recovering From Alcoholism

Codependency – You Can Break Free

  • What Is Codependency?
  • Understanding Addiction
  • How Does Addiction Affect Family And Friends?
  • Living With An Addicted Person
  • Codependency Can Lead To Long Term Problems
  • Breaking Out Of Codependency
  • Help Is Available

Choosing Not To Drink

  • Why Should I Choose Not To Drink?
  • Is It A Realistic Choice?
  • Why Is Alcohol A Problem?
  • Separate The Facts From The Myths
  • Respect People’s Choices
  • Take The Time To Think Whether You Should Drink

Elder Care Section

About Adult Day Care

  • What is Adult Day Care? Why Should I Learn About It?
  • Who Needs Adult Day Care?
  • Adult Day Care Offers Many Possibilities
  • Adult Day Care Helps Families, Too
  • Make An Informed Choice
  • Find Out More

About Homemakers and Home Health Aides

  • Who Are Homemakers and Home Health Aides? Why Should I Know About Them?
  • Who Can Use Homemakers or Home Health Aides?
  • The Role of the Homemaker or Home Health Aide
  • How Homemakers Assist Their Clients
  • How Home Health Aides Assist Their Clients

About Entering A Long-Term Care Facility

  • What is a Long-Term Facility? Why Should I Find Out About Them?
  • What Emotional Reactions Are Often Involved?
  • Residents Have Many Rights
  • It’s Important to Plan Ahead
  • How to Select the Right Facility
  • Some Tips for Adjusting to the Move