Many of our LAFD Members recently became  IAFF Trained Peer Supporters and have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide support to their peers; educate brothers and sisters about behavioral health (e.g., PTSD and resilience); serve as a bridge to behavioral health programs and community resources; and build or enhance their peer support programs.

The stresses faced by fire service members throughout the course of their careers – multiple casualty events, violence, injury to children and the inherent dangers of fire fighting – can have a cumulative impact on mental health and well-being. Peer support programs have been demonstrated to be an effective method for providing support to occupational groups, including fire fighters.

We currently do not have any scheduled IAFF Peer Support Training.  Please come back soon for more information as it becomes available.

Please CLICK HERE for a roster of IAFF Trained Peer Supporters from the LAFD.